Battens are an essential part of a sail’s construction. These long, thin strips are designed to support the roach of the sail, allowing for a smooth transition from the sail to the leech, resulting in better sail shape and sail longevity. We have a large selection of pultruded fiberglass batten stock for use in new sail construction, repairs and stiffening for canvas work (awnings, etc.). They are available in 25′ lengths. We also have a selection of round pultruded fiberglass batten material.

In addition to sail and marine applications, our batten stock is effective in non-marine applications where light, long and thin stiffening is required, including shades, awnings, tents and industrial and aerospace applications.

Our batten design has a flat cross section center that tapers to a smooth radius at the edge. We use durable, marine grade polyester fiberglass in the construction.

We also offer soft vinyl end caps for the various batten sizes. These caps provide pocket protection and are recommended for use on any batten.

Please contact us for additional information including pricing and custom orders.