Resolute Flagstaffs are the finest flagstaffs available, made and finished here in America by skilled craftsman from responsibly harvested traditional hardwoods.   We hand select each piece of wood for quality, grain and color; only the finest pieces are chosen to be turned into a Resolute Flagstaff.  Their design is inspired by mariners who over the millennia have taken great pride in flying their colors for friends to admire and foes to respect.

At Bete Fleming we believe that flying flags is part of a person’s identity; it shows respect, pride, what one stands for, what they will defend – who they are.  As such, the manner in which a flag is flown is essential.  A beautifully finished, hand-crafted Resolute Flagstaff will enhance and accentuate the presentation of your flags aboard your boat or from your home and catch the eyes and admiration of all.   Your new flagstaff will bring years of pride and joy; nothing looks as distinct or magnificent as a flag flying in the breeze from a Resolute Flagstaff.