Coming Soon "Carbon Fiber Flagstaff"

Home & Business Kits

Although Bete Fleming grew from a passion for the sea and boats, we have applied our 70 years of experience and knowledge to offer beautifully designed and crafted products for use at home and office.

We believe that flying flags is part of a person’s identity. It shows respect, pride, what one stands for, what they will defend – who they are. As such, the manner in which a flag is flown is essential. Our Resolute Flagstaffs look as elegant mounted on the side of a building as they do onboard a boat. In addition to our Resolute flagstaffs, we offer traditional in-ground flagpoles, accessories, flags and installation and maintenance services. These high quality fiberglass flagpoles are manufactured by PLP Composites in New Hampshire and are available in many sizes and configurations to suit the full range of homes and businesses.