Flag Poles

Elegant and Durable Fiberglass Flagpoles for Homes and Businesses

Our flagpoles are manufactured by PLP Composites in New Hampshire, and built to handle the toughest conditions our American shorelines and weather can produce, while looking beautiful doing it. All our flag poles are crafted by hand, forming layer upon layer of glass and resin in a precise manner and finished with Gelcoat (same finish as fiberglass boats) to build strength where it is needed and sparing it where it is not. In the end, our poles are beautiful and strong, without the seams that mar other poles made with molds.

Our poles stand up to the wind, salt and weather that destroy other poles, delivering to you the last flagpole you will ever need and one you can be proud of to fly your flag. There is a reason we offer the best warranty in the industry. Fiberglass is the perfect flagpole material. It is lightweight, won’t rust, pit or corrode, holds its finish longer than any other material, is non-conductive so won’t be a problem in electrical storms, is quite (no clanging), and can be finished with a variety of color coatings to meet your personal preference.

We offer a full range of sizes, from 15′-80′, various models for a range of weather conditions (wind strength guarantees), Yard Arm and Gaff accessories, multiple mounting options (standard in-ground, flush mount, hinged mount, wall mount), internal and external halyards, revolving trucks, multiple halyards, and video camera mounts.

Our installation equipment is lightweight and will not damage lawns or landscaping. We also offer repairs and maintenance services for residential and commercial flagpoles.