Teak Flagstaff

Starting at: $179.00

Starting at: $179.00

Our Teak flagstaffs come in a variety of sizes – from 18” to 96” and fit in sockets from 1” to 2” – for a range of boat sizes and purposes. They are fitted with a stainless steel sleeve on the butt and finished with five coats of Epifanes high gloss, clear varnish that will provide years of protection and polish. See our guide to help determine the right size for your boat and flags.

While there are different methods for securing your flag to the flagstaff, we recommend our elegant and functional cleat and halyard design. It provides flexibility and simplicity in flying different sized flags, keeps the flagstaff clear of holes that can tarnish the finish, and looks great. We offer bronze/brass or stainless steel cleats. There are other useful accessories, including our Sunbrella storage sleeves to protect your flagstaff and flag.

Choosing the right size flagstaff; Wood options